VAC CEO discusses Inclusion on local Podcast

Dipika Kaushal, VAC CEO, has recently joined Sam McCormick on the Curious E-Motion podcast to discuss ‘inclusion’. Inclusion has been integral throughout Dipika’s diverse career working in the voluntary sector, focused on positive social change and improving local lives. On the podcast, she shares what she has learnt from her experience and why inclusion benefits everyone.

The Curious E-Motion podcast, now in its second series, is presented by Sam who is the founder of local organisation Curious Motion. The podcast delves into the lives of fascinating, creative, inspiring people and explores what it means to live, love, and thrive in these overwhelming days. Through guest interviews, the podcast uncover ways that will help you navigate life; leaving you feeling more inspired and empowered, and remembering that you are not alone.

To listen to Dipika’s guest episode and all past episodes of the podcast, please click on the link below. The podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


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