About the Project

The Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector has played an integral part within local communities for a long time. As a not-for-profit sector, their work is not driven by sales figures or new product lines.  Their work is driven by their communities and the impact they can make to someone who needs a lifeline.

Despite the incredible work VCSE organisations provide, they can also be incredibly modest, not blowing their own trumpets about the positive impact they have on people’s lives day in, day out.

Well, we wanted to not just blow a trumpet for them – we wanted to bring a whole orchestra!

The Decades of Difference project is here to shine a light on the Calderdale organisations who have been supporting their communities for over a decade.  The project was born out of a deep respect and acknowledgement of the resilience that our sector demonstrates in swathes.

The Calderdale VCSE Sector has weathered many a storm, always motivated by the people who rely on them and those who are yet to walk through the door.  Over the years, Calderdale has inevitably seen changes in both the local council and NHS landscapes. 

How does the VCSE Sector respond?  They evolve.  They remain adaptable, changing and introducing services in response to local need and the ever-changing world we currently live in. 

All the while staying true to their core values and ethos.

Calderdale is home to so many organisations who have stood the test of time, decade after decade.  Without these organisations, Calderdale would look drastically different.  The need would still be there.  The communities would be missing that level of support. 

The longevity of the organisations featured in the Decades of Difference project is testament to the invaluable support they offer to their communities.  With their rich wealth of experience and enduring commitment, they have paved the way for newer organisations to find their footing and deliver meaningful impact and change in Calderdale.  So much so that, one day, we will feature them in the Decades of Difference project!

This recognition of the sector’s significance in Calderdale is why VAC is emphasizing its importance through the Decades of Difference project.

The message is clear:

Be Consistent. Be the Change. Improve Local Lives.

Project Colt

Project Colt: Decades of Difference

VAC are thrilled to introduce addiction recovery and enterprise champions, Project Colt, as our first spotlighted charity in the Decades of Difference project.
Russell Davis, Manager at Project Colt comments:
“Being a part of the Decades of Difference project has been a great experience for Project Colt. To be the first ones spotlighted is a real honour.
It is truly fantastic to be involved in something that recognises everything we as an organisation have done to continue supporting those who need us for over 20 years. We can’t wait to see who VAC spotlights next!”

how to get involved

If your organisation has been operating in Calderdale for more than a decade and is interested in being a part of the Decades of Difference project, please send an email to:

Please include the following: 

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  • Why your organisation wants to be a part of Decades of Difference