Active Calderdale VCSE Charter – Why? Because when we move, we’re stronger

Active Calderdale works with communities to make physical activity and moving more a part of day-to-day life for everyone in Calderdale. Currently, 1 in 5 people in Calderdale are inactive: taking part in less than 30 minutes of activity per week. 

We believe every organisation can play their part in supporting and encouraging those who visit their organisation to move more.  

As part of the Active Calderdale VCSE Charter we encouraged 8 organisations to sign up, pilot this approach and receive a grant of £250 for organisations to implement their ideas. 

Active Calderdale VCSE Charter Criteria

Becoming a Active Calderdale VCSE charter organisation involves the simple process of reviewing your organisation against the 6 criteria: 


Through partnering with Active Calderdale we provided the support (knowledge, resources, funding, connections) to enable you to implement changes to help you meet the criteria. 

All organisations who have signed up as part of the Active Calderdale VCSE charter will receive a certificate which they will be able to proudly display. 

Benefits for your organisation


Being an Active Calderdale organisation can have a huge impact on the health of everyone connected to your organisaion. These include the following: 


Benefits to the people you support 

Small changes in activity levels can make a big difference. These include social, mental and physical benefits. 

Our Charter Organisations

We are pleased to announce that the following organisations have been successful in achieving the Active Calderdale VCSE charter status. 


For more information please contact :