Voluntary & Community aka VAC – New acronym, same ethos.

VAC has been supporting the Calderdale Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector  (VCSE) since 2000.  VAC has been evolving since we were established continuously developing and delivering needs led services and projects and is a recognised brand and organisation within the local VCSE landscape.

When we first set up, VAC exclusively operated in the Borough of Calderdale and the acronym stood for Voluntary Action Calderdale.  As the organisation grew, so did our reach both in and outside of Calderdale.  After the appointment of our new CEO, Dipika Kaushal, VAC staff and trustees have been working together to ensure we continue to remain true to our charitable objectives and at our last AGM, we presented our vision, mission, values & strategic priorities to our members. 

As we continue to evolve, and from stakeholder feedback, the general consensus is that we have outgrown the name Voluntary Action Calderdale.  In fact, we had outgrown it years ago.  It is time for a change.  Our roots and energy will always be in Calderdale but we need a new name to enable the organisation’s sustainable growth both now and in the future; we also need to reflect the wider reach and work of the organisation in Calderdale and beyond.

After dialogue with our members, staff and trustees, it was agreed that we needed to retain our brand ‘VAC’ but as an acronym of Voluntary And Community.  In fact, our Maggie Opacic coined the new name based on what we were being told!!


The light bulb had turned on – It was a name that had been staring us in the face all this time!  Working in and supporting the VCS sector for 20 years, we are wholeheartedly Voluntary And Community in every aspect.  We champion every success, we support the development of the VCSE and we represent and advocate for our sector with passion.  We are indeed and always will be VAC but with a new, fresh look and name!    


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