Calderdale Vaccine Thank you – who would you like to thank?

As we enter May, over 110,000 people have got the (COVID-19) jab done for Calderdale; that’s over half the population of our small but mighty borough!

We believe that a huge thank you is due and we need your help to make it happen.  We not only want to send messages of thanks to the hardworking teams administering the vaccine but to those who have received it.

Who would you want to thank? Has someone just popped into your head?

Maybe to your Dad who, now vaccinated, can walk you down the aisle this Summer.

How about your support worker who has been invaluable to you during lockdown.

Your best friend with a long-term health condition who can now come for a cuppa in the garden.

We’d love to hear those thank yous and spread the Calderdale positivity far and wide.  We are asking for you to record a short thank you video to your chosen person/s or team on your mobile.  Your video will be part of a Calderdale wide thank you compilation video that will be published on social media.

Once recorded, all you need to do is whatsapp or text it to 07929 291249 or email


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